Co-Op Village
Free plans for sustainable intentional communities.

Village Overview

A community of 500 non-denominational, multi-ethnic, diverse people, which is:

• A sustainable Community - Keeping the planet's resources intact for future generations.

• A Community that shows how state-of-the-art positive technology can create better living for all life.

• A Community designed to be energy self-sufficient.

• A Cooperative Community where everyone has more through sharing resources. Wealth is redefined as use and access rather than as possession.

• A Community where residents take care of one another as if they were one family.

• A pedestrian Community - with parking on the outskirts and few roadways.

• A Community with income producing, socially responsible businesses, enabling most residents to walk to work.

• A place where people regain control, through consensus decision making, of the key decisions that affect their lives.

• More than simply an ecological city, rather, a model that addresses the economic, cooperation, and separation issues that are the basis of our current environmental and social problems.

What it is not:

• A place where one has to sacrifice quality of life.
• A haven for people living on the fringe.

Co-op Villages are designed to transform society, not to escape it.

The way we live together and relate together in Community is the basic building block that is needed to transform the planet. The creation of Community Planet will enable others to see how we can all cooperate and enjoy a higher, healthier, and happier standard of living.

With media exposure, millions will be able to see and hear about a life-style that they, too, can enjoy. Future Communities built along these guidelines will support individuals in their personal growth, social justice issues and in obtaining their personal goals, providing them with a prosperous life-style through the sharing of resources while, at the same time, addressing our global challenges.

Eventually we envision how the replication of our models around the world will have a transformational effect on the environment, world peace, and the prosperity of all humankind as we finally learn the benefit of choosing to live together in order to address social justice issues and the highest good of all.

Written By: Jack Reed, author of  The Next Evolution

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