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1. Home

2. Blog:            Village Life / New Economics

3. Village Concept:
              Prospectus / Plan
              Buildings:             Village Layout Design   Residental Bldgs 
                                              Multi-Use Bldgs

              Infrastructure:       Physical     Non-Physical

              Financial:             Guarantee      Cost To Residents  
                                           Investor Information      Business Plan  
                                           Legal Entities         Legal Documents

               Governance:         Governance Overview   In a NutShell   
                                          Work Groups Diagram    Focus Group- Long  
                                          Consensus Phase-In    Group Policies

               Human Element:   Live Together                   Reach Consensus  
                                           Calm Residents Down       Spirituality

4. Why:           B. Kennedy & M. L. King        Global Solution                      
                      Power of Minus One              B.C.                    

5. Status:            Project Status   10,000 Villages   2 Cores Completed                                    

6. Reviews:          Holy Grail        Peer Reviews       

7. Book:              Free Book       Press Room

8. Apply:      Application Process     Apply Early     Admittance Flow Chart                       Eviction Flow Chart

9. Suburbia:    Converting Current Home       Retrofitting A Neighborhood    
                       Recap: Humanmanure Handbook           Links                           

10. Who Are We:          About Us      Bios       Contact Us

11. Compare:              Begin           Chart      Narrative

12. Links:   Jack Reed   Surviving Peak Oil    Intentional Communities
                Cracker House       Wake-Up Videos    Surviving Peak Oil


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